THE story

how it started

Driven by a deep love for high-quality menswear, Travis found himself yearning for something more. Fashion that not only exuded timeless style but also embraced the versatile and functional demands of the modern man.

Travis' journey began with a personal need—a desire for trousers that effortlessly transitioned between activities, providing both comfort and style. Inspired by his passion for the timeless elegance of luxury Italian fabrics, he sought to marry this aesthetic with the practicality and easy care found in performance pants. The result is the embodiment of sophistication and innovation, where each piece seamlessly blends enduring style with the comfort required for the dynamic lifestyle of the contemporary man. Welcome to a world where fashion meets functionality, a realm created to redefine the very essence of menswear.

the mission


Travis set out to create performance-inspired dress pants that would perfectly blend the aesthetic of luxury Italian dress trousers with the performance properties of athletic pants.

Using natures most versatile fiber, merino wool. A soft, durable, lightweight natural fiber that is moisture wicking, antibacterial, thermal regulating and above all machine washable. Archer's family of performance trousers were born.

The green path


At its core, Archer is hyper-focused on sustainability and improving the overall impact the apparel industry has on us and our environment. With over 137000m3 of wastewater purified and 190 tons of CO2 saved last year alone, Archer takes a strong stand on how their products are made and sourced.

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