Travis (left) & Justin of Hertling, USA (right)
For men who do more, want more, expect more!

Many businesses, like stories, begin with a problem. Unbeknownst to Travis, he became the protagonist in the story of Archer in 2019 while traveling for business. Between the office, boardroom meetings, and functions that often led to playing golf with his clients, Travis found himself searching for pants that could serve multiple purposes. Dress pants were too restrictive and delicate for 18 holes, and golf pants were too casual and informal for business functions. 

The problem: they did not exist, yet. With this spark of inspiration, Travis set out to create a luxury fabric that perfectly blends the aesthetic of a high-end suit with the performance properties of an athletic pant. Armed with over a decade of product development, sourcing, and design experience in the luxury apparel industry, Travis had the knowledge and connections to make it happen. 

His idea? To develop machine-washable pants made from wool. He traveled to Milan, Italy, and met colleagues at some of the premier fashion mills and manufacturers in the world. Many scoffed, claiming that only low-quality cheap wools were able to be machine-washed because they were a synthetic blend, but one mill understood Travis's aim. They were creating performance wools, and Travis sought their business to develop a fabric from a true wonder of nature: merino wool, the gold standard of fleece. Soft and durable, the merino sheep of New Zealand have the finest wool in the world as a result of their agriculture and climate, imbued with the natural performance properties synthetic fibers have forever promised but fell short of. 

Through the trials and tribulations of the development process, Travis eventually harnessed all that merino could offer by creating a remarkable fabric. Not only was it 100% wool, machine-washable, moisture-wicking, and antibacterial, it was also thermal protective, lightweight, breathable, highly water and stain-resistant. The merino wool had a natural stretch and zero itch. With the fabric perfected, Travis partnered with the local master tailors of Hertling USA in Fall River, MA. Under their guidance, the first Archer pants were cut and sewn.