THE story

how it started

Many businesses, like stories, begin with a problem. Unbeknownst to Travis, he became the protagonist in the story of Archer in 2019 while traveling for work. Between the office, boardroom meetings, and functions that often led to playing golf with his clients, Travis found himself searching for a pair of pants that would allow him to transition from one activity to the next in comfort and style.

the mission


With a passion for modern design and well-made clothing, Travis set out to create a performance-inspired dress pant that would perfectly blend the aesthetic of a high-end suit with the performance properties of an athletic pant.

Using natures most versatile fiber, merino wool. A soft, durable, lightweight natural fiber that is moisture wicking, antibacterial, thermal regulating and above all machine washable. Archer's family of performance trousers were born.

The green path


At its core, Archer is hyper-focused on sustainability and improving the overall impact the apparel industry has on us and our environment. With over 137000m3 of wastewater purified and 190 tons of CO2 saved last year alone, Archer takes a strong stand on how their products are made and sourced.

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