TRACEABILITY: Trust the Process

Being eco-friendly means being accountable and transparent, and Archer Apparel is proud to trace each step of the manufacturing process- from raw material to your door step. 

Each piece of Archer clothing has a story that begins in the mountains of New Zealand, where merino sheep roam the countryside. Working with ZQ-Certified farms, Archer meticulously selects ethically-sourced merino fleece, known to be the finest in the world. From this fundamental phase of the process, Archer creates its fabrics. 

Upon arrival to our mill in Milan, Italy, the fleece is then cleaned, combed, sorted and gathered into long fibers. Then, they are transferred to the dying department where, for the first time, our wool gets its color. Once completely dried, the long fibers are stretched, prepped, and woven. 

The fabric that meets rigorous quality standards is shipped to Brooklyn, NY, where the master tailors of Hertling, USA, fastidiously handcrafted each piece of Archer Apparel. Family-owned and operated since 1925, the Hertlings have built a reputation for making some of the finest tailored apparel in the city. Once it leaves their hands, the clothing is delivered straight to your doorstep.